If there is one industry that can really use productivity improvement right now, without any doubt it’s the construction sector.

The global supply chain problems sparked by the Covid pandemic a couple of years ago, now exacerbated by the energy crisis, have turned into nightmares of inflationary pressure for the developed economies.

Margins are razor thin, material costs are skyrocketing, and contract pricing is locked in for years in the meanwhile.. It’s no wonder many companies in the sector are struggling to survive the current high inflationary environment.

Enter Project Management Institute’s (PMI) education program for the construction industry.

Perhaps by a stroke of luck, or by sheer visionary tradition, or both, PMI’s timing of introducing their new construction industry focused education program could not have been better.

Better cost management can’t be achieved overnight, it requires everyone in the organisation to work towards the same goal. And that’s what PMI’s new program is all about – Aligning the goals in the name of achieving the best possible outcomes for the construction sector

Please read PMI’s and let us know if you would like more information by emailing to info@pm-coe.com.

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