Our Tailored Agile and Project Management Workshop programs are more than just training classes. Pragmatic, seasoned training consultants “coach and do” using your actual, day-to-day projects. Building training programs around real-world experience—rather than hypothetical work—paves the way to full adoption.

This program is delivered virtually or in-house across United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom.

Live Virtual

In the last year, we have virtualized our most sought-after and successful classes to create our Live Virtual Series that aligns with today’s distributed organizations and teams. Using key elements of our classroom-style workshops, these classes have been designed to maximize their effectiveness in a remote and online environment. In the second half of 2020 alone, we have delivered these classes in United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kindgom and have consistently received excellent survey results on the quality and impact of these classes.


Teams and Organizations need more than just training, they need to understand the change, break the patterns that have held them back, and develop muscle memory in their practices.  With techniques like “Succeed more often” and “exercise-driven training,” the coursework uses activities and interaction on teams to jumpstart attendees into new ways of working. Practical Courses are available in business agility, Disciplined Agile, and role-specific (Product Owner and Scrum Master) variants.

An Example Agenda of a Tailored Training & Consulting Workshop Program:

Process Tailoring Workshop

In a process tailoring workshop a coach or team lead walks the team through important aspects of the Disciplined Agile® (DA™) process and the team discusses how they’re going to work together. This typically includes choosing a lifecycle, walking through the process goals one at a time and addressing the decision points of each one, and discussing roles and responsibilities.

Why Do You Want to Tailor Your Team Process?

There are several reasons why you want to tailor your team’s process:

  1. Every team is unique and faces a unique situation. One of the agile tenets is that teams should own their own processes so that they can work together effectively. One process size, a common prescribed process, doesn’t fit all situations because teams are unique. In short, repeatable results (such as regularly providing valuable functionality, doing so in a timely manner, and producing quality results) are far more important than following common “repeatable processes.”
  2. You want to have a common vision as to how you’re going to work together. For teams to work together effectively they need to agree on how they’re going to do so. Without a common vision you’ll flounder.
  3. You want to streamline how you work together. Teams should do their best to identify how to make their work as efficient as possible, to reduce work in progress (WIP) to a sustainable pace, and to eliminate waste wherever they can.
  4. You may need to document your process. Sometimes a team is required to document their process, perhaps because of legal regulatory requirements or to help other teams understand how they’re working. Our recommendation is to apply agile documentation strategies so as to keep your documentation as lightweight and sufficient as possible.

Please contact us via the enquiry form or email us on info@pm-coe.com to discuss your tailored training program needs.

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