There are several reputable PMP exam prep courses that have been historically offered in Sydney, Australia. Here are some examples of PMP exam prep courses that are available right now:

  1. Project Management Center of Excellence (PMCOE). PMCOE is a Premier Authorised Training Partner of PMI that offers both in-person and virtual class formats locally Sydney Australia. To find their course details please go to

  2. University and College Programs: Many universities and colleges in Sydney offer project management programs that include PMP exam preparation. These programs may be part of their professional development or continuing education offerings. Examples include the University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and Macquarie University.

  3. PM-Partners. PM-Partners is a private training company in Sydney specialize in project management training and may also offer PMP exam prep courses. The companies often provide flexible options such as in-person classes, online courses, or a combination of both.

  4. Professional Associations: Project management professional associations, such as the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), often offer PMP exam prep courses or workshops. These courses are specifically tailored to meet the needs of project management professionals and may be available to both members and non-members.

When researching PMP exam prep courses in Sydney, consider factors such as the reputation of the training provider, the course content and materials, the qualifications of the instructors, the format of the course (in-person or online), and the support provided for exam preparation.

There’s a reason project professionals in more than 200 countries have earned and maintained their PMP certification. It delivers real value in the form of professional credibility, deep knowledge and increased earning potential.

And those benefits have staying power. It’s not only a matter of higher potential salaries across the arc of a career. The PMP is about getting credit for what you already know and honing your skills. It’s about pushing yourself to excel—and then being recognized for excellence.

Supercharge your skills and work Smarter

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is the world’s leading project management certification. Now including predictive, agile and hybrid approaches, the PMP® proves project leadership experience and expertise in any way of working. It supercharges careers for project leaders across industries and helps organizations find the people they need to work smarter and perform better.

What is PMP?

Research indicates that employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027. This means skilled project managers are in high demand. The PMP certification is designed by project professionals, for project professionals and validates that you are among the best—highly skilled in:

  • People: emphasizing the soft skills you need to effectively lead a project team in today’s changing environment.
  • Process: reinforcing the technical aspects of successfully managing projects.
  • Business Environment: highlighting the connection between projects and organizational strategy.

PMP certification validates that you have the project leadership skills employers seek. The new PMP includes three key approaches:

  • Predictive (waterfall)
  • Agile
  • Hybrid

Course details (see the appendix for more detail):

  • Module 1 – Creating a High Performing Team
    Define team ground rules, build a shared understanding.
  • Module 2 – Keeping Your Team on Track
    Collaborate with stakeholders, lead a team, manage conflict.
  • Module 3 – Getting Started With Your Project
    Engage stakeholders, manage and plan scope, manage risk.
  • Module 4 – Doing the Work
    Manage project changes, project methods, governance.
  • Module 5 – Keeping the Business in Mind
    Evaluate business and environment changes, support organisational change, improve processes.

Why the pmp?

The PMP adds value. CIO magazine ranked the PMP as the top project management certification in the world because it demonstrates you have the specific skills employers seek, dedication to excellence and the capacity to perform at the highest levels.

The PMP delivers benefits. The median salary for project professionals in North America is 25% higher than those without it.

The PMP proves you work smarter. It shows you have the skills to drive business results and increase your organization’s impact in the office and around the world.

Gain a competitive edge. Prove you work smarter. Make your goals a reality. Earn the PMP today.

How to get your pmp

Earning your PMP Certification is a commitment, and that’s why it is valuable. Do you have real-world project management experience that’s led to success? Great—you’ve finished the hardest part. Before you apply, make sure you meet of the following sets of PMP Certification requirements:

  • A four-year degree
  • 36 months leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM®Certification

— OR —

  • A high school diploma or an associate’s degree (or global equivalent)
  • 60 months leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM®Certification

Steps to getting your pmp

Follow the steps below to get on your way to your PMP Certification:

   Step One: Study for the PMP Exam

Project Management Centre of Excellence (PMCOE) is a Premier Authorised Training Partner of PMI. What that means is PMCOE’s PMP training programs meet the most stringent standards set by the PMI, including fully certified instructors and study materials that are exclusively provided by the PMI.

In addition, PMCOE’s training staff are highly experienced project management professionals with over 10 years of real-world experience and they are able to bring to bear their experience to enhance the learning experience.

The benefits of studying with PMCOE are many folds:

  • Your project management knowledge will become a lot more solid and in some cases improve dramatically as the course is designed to provide practical knowledge by leveraging the trainers’ experience
  • Accelerate the learning process by several folds by focusing on the key areas that the exam questions will likely to be on.
  • In addition to the virtual face to face classes with the trainer, the course includes an exam simulator and on-demand self-study materials that are usually sold separately for $500 and $800 respectively.
  • You will be thoroughly prepared to pass the exam through the exam simulator which comes with more than 400 actual past exam questions with answers
  • The self-study materials will enable you to supplement the class learnings at your own pace and complete the course at the pace that helps you to balance your work, leisure, and study times.

Step Two: Take your PMP Exam

What to expect on the big day and how to prepare to pass

Step Three: Maintain Your Certification

Engage in continuous professional development in order to remain certified

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