PMCOE brings the best corporate training programs in partnership with the Project Management Institute (PMI). Our programs can provide your organization with the tools to develop talent and build high performing teams. At a time when companies are challenged by increasing business complexity, the best corporate training programs offer a range of organizational benefits from project management to Agile capabilities.

The best corporate training programs can help to build a cohesive team of high performers whose need for development is recognized and respected. In this way, the best corporate training programs can build loyalty in a company, while boosting the performance of its teams and improving the outcomes. Let’s examine just how the best corporate training programs have the potential to deliver so much.

You will be surprised by how highly cost-effective our best corporate training programs are.

To offer what is essentially world class courses designed by the Project Management Institute at a fraction of the cost of individual training, we’ve factored in a number of assumptions such as the minimum number of students and that there would be on-going training needs.

If your organisation is a medium to large enterprise with staff numbers greater than 50, please contact us through the enquiry form or email us on regarding your corporate training needs.

Preparing your teams for greater challenges

With your head down focusing on your duties, you may, as an executive, sometimes find it hard to see the wood for the trees. This can be particularly taxing as you take on greater responsibilities in fast moving and complex environments.

Corporate training can support you when you may feel overwhelmed. The best corporate training program incorporates project management and Agile training which can equip you with the leadership skills and other knowledge needed to transition to a higher performing organization.

What’s included in the best corporate training programs?

The best corporate training programs are delivered through the following methods:

  • Live virtual classes taught by industry experts
  • Cohort based learning with peer-to-peer interaction
  • Capstone projects involving real world data sets with virtual labs for hands-on learning
  • Virtual live tutorials with qualified trainers and teaching assistance with access to learner social forums

Tailored Solutions

Our course implementation consultants will design a training program for your business’s unique digital transformation journey to address your team’s skills gaps.

Please complete the enquiry form to get started on the best corporate training programs.

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