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Classroom or Instructor Led Online PMP Certification in Boston

As a fully accredited training provider, accredited by the Project Management Institute, we deliver both classroom based or instructor led e-learning PMP training courses and PMP exam prep in Boston, and other training centers around the United States. A large number of the delegates attending our project management courses are referred to us by PMI themselves.  We believe this is due to the high quality training we provide.  Our PMP certification training is highly engaging, it includes many practical activities to make sure that all of our PMP certification students get the most out of their online or classroom based PMP courses. That's why they have the best possible chance of passing the PMP certification exam first time.

Our PMP exam simulator creates practice exams and is full of questions and answers from prior PMP exams, something only available to accredited PMI training partners.

To ensure a premium training experience for our PMP training in Boston MA, regardless if you study in a classroom or online environment, we keep all training class sizes small.  This approach enables instructors to personally interact with students throughout the training day, and our follow on support means that training delegates can contact the instructor for additional help and advice until they pass their PMP certification.

Boston PMP Training Center

Looking for PMP certification Boston? No problem, our Boston training facilities are easily accessible via many transport routes, including the South Station railway.  All classrooms are comfortable, fully air conditioned and PM COE provides lunches and refreshments to all delegates throughout the day. We can be found at:

711 Atlantic Ave 6th floor, Boston, MA.

Benefits of our PMP Certification Courses

Exam Pass Guarantee

We offer the option of the Exam Pass Guarantee program to all of our students taking Project Management Professional courses in Boston MA or online. 

Personalized learning

You will receive personal attention in a small and highly engaging class to prepare for your Project Management Professional certification exam .

Great Post-Course Support

Many of our students enjoy post-course support from the instructor on all aspects of preparing for the exam, including assistance with your exam application process. 

Teaching Opportunities

As part of our unique business model, we hire our instructors from our best performing students. If you have passion for teaching, consider becoming part of our team.

Virtual or Classroom PMP Training 

You can choose from either a virtual or in-person class format for pmp training in boston.

Both in-person and virtual class formats are conducted in real-time by a PMI certified instructor to help you pass the pmp exam

Virtual Training

  • 35 PDUs  
  • Live interactive classes via Zoom
  • Study 1 hour per day over 3 weeks
  • Evening times  

Classroom Training

  • 35 PDUs  
  • In-person classes
  •  5 days of in-person workshops
  • At your office or in our Boston training centre

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Agile

This content is unique to PMCOE. We developed extra course materials on Agile to help students who do not already have deep knowledge of Agile. This content is full of class based activities and covers foundational and advanced Agile concepts such as Scrum, Velocity, Relative story point estimation, Burn Down charts.

Creating a High Performing Team

Learn leadership for project management professionals, team building, servant leadership, Tuckman model, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management.

Starting the Project

Learn formal project management methodologies including PMBOK. Covers advanced project management techniques such as Work Breakdown Structure, Critical Path Methods, Schedule and Resource Optimization.

Keeping the Team on Track

Learn to apply Earned Value Management and other advanced project scheduling and budget management methods.  

Keeping the Business in Mind

Learn strategic business engagement and stakeholder management techniques. Become more than just project management experts, but an all round professional with proficiency in many strategic aspects of managing business stakeholders.

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Course Outcomes

All of our students for Project Management Professional or PMP training in Boston receive the required 35 PDUs to qualify for the PMP Exam and a certificate of completion.

The skills and knowledge transfer from the course are as follows:

  • Agile Project Management, including advanced Agile concepts 
  • Thorough understanding of Project Management fundamentals
  • Advanced project management knowledge:
  • Earned Value Management
  • Contract Management 
  • Critical Path Management, Scheduling Optimization 
  • Soft skills:
  • Leadership skills, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Stakeholder Management

PMP Certification in Boston with PM COE: Unlocking Opportunities and Shaping Careers

A Gateway to Success

As you embark on your journey toward professional excellence, whether through online studies or by enrolling in our PMP training in Boston, the opportunities that await you are boundless. At our training center, we don't just provide exceptional learning experiences; we create stepping stones for your career advancement as a project manager.

The Power of Learning: Gaining Practical Project Management Skills

Our PMP certification training and PMP exam prep course go beyond the conventional approaches to education. We understand that true growth and success come from acquiring practical project management skills. Through comprehensive modules and hands-on exercises, we empower you to handle real-world challenges effectively.

Empowering Your Career: Unleashing Potential for Growth

The transformative impact of our certification training in Boston extends far beyond the classroom. We take pride in the feedback we receive from our students, who credit our courses for propelling their careers to new heights. By completing our PMP certification course in Boston MA, many individuals have experienced remarkable salary increments, surpassing 30%, as they secure more senior-level project manager roles.

Collaborative Learning: Sharing Experiences, Broadening Horizons

In our training environment, the value of collective wisdom cannot be overstated. We foster an atmosphere of collaboration, where you can engage in group discussions and share your experiences. Learning from the journeys and insights of fellow students amplifies the depth of knowledge and widens your perspective. Here, every individual contributes to their own learning experience while enriching the collective wisdom of the class.

A Unique Approach: Best Practices for Optimal Results

The foundation of our training methodology is built upon the best practices curated by the vocational and adult learning authorities of the United Kingdom and Australia. We understand that the key to unlocking your potential lies in a tailored approach. By embracing this unique training approach, we ensure that every student receives the necessary guidance and support to excel in their project management training and further their career.

Embrace the Journey, Transform Your Future

As you set foot on this transformative path of acquiring PMP certification in Boston, remember that it is not merely a destination but a journey of self-discovery and professional growth. With our comprehensive training, you will gain not only achieve project management certification and gain the knowledge to excel in your career, but also acquire the skills and confidence to navigate the complexities of project management with finesse. Embrace this opportunity, for it has the power to shape your future.


Q: How long does it take to complete the PMP exam prep course and achieve PMP certification?
A: The duration of the training program varies, but it typically spans a few weeks, allowing for a comprehensive learning experience.

Q: Can I take the PMP certification exam after completing the training?
A: Yes, upon successful completion of the training, you will be eligible to take the PMP certification exam.

Q: Will the Project Management Professional certification training improve my career prospects?
A: Absolutely. Our training has a proven track record of empowering individuals and helping them secure more senior-level project manager roles.

Have questions? Talk to us about your training requirements