In this article, I am introducing Virtuous Spark-X.

Recently we’ve had the pleasure of providing an Agile project management training for a team of producers and line producers at Virtuous Spark-X, a Game Asset Development firm based in Vietnam.

As part of our due diligence, as we do for all our corporate clients, we did an online survey with each of the attendees to find out their project management and Agile experience levels, and their expectations on the course, etc. So, I thought we were well prepared.

But the experience of working with Virtuous Spark-X left me with two unforgettable impressions that really blew away my own expectations.

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My first impression, which I probably shouldn’t sound too surprised, is that if people who were on the course are representative of the talent pool in the company, I think the world will soon see a virtual asset development powerhouse. Every person in the workshop was exceptionally intelligent and their command of English was unbelievably good considering most of them never studied English abroad.

It was a perfect Deja Vue of my first visit to Beijing’s burgeoning tech companies in 1996. To see where China is at now, I have no doubt that Vietnam’s proud past will soon see them follow a similar path of economic miracle. I am willing to bet my house on that.

The second impression – I am in a Matrix! I am serious.

I mean, it’s one thing to read about people buying and selling virtual assets on games,, etc, but the unreal, and yet real, rude awaking hits you hard when you see a team of people who are actually servicing the needs of the virtual economies.

I never liked Facebook, and still don’t, but through this experience, I now see the potential impact Meta could have on the world while most of us are going about our business completely oblivious.

I think I probably gained more valuable knowledge from this training than Virtuous Spark-X did! Well..I hope the client won’t think that.

Please visit to find out more on game asset development.

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