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 Instructor led Zoom Classes

Course Duration

10 Evenings 

Daily Class Length

1 hour/Day

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Start On ANy day

Class Hours

3pm (PT), 4pm (MT), 5pm (CT), 6pm (ET)

Class Days

Mon - Friday

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PMCOE?

We are a premier training partner of Project Management Institute with offices in Australia, North America and Korea. Our brand is trusted by many corporations and individuals who have successfully achieved their training goals through us.

If you'd like to speak to our client representatives, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone us on the numbers listed in the footer of this website.

How do our Virtual Classes work?

Our virtual classes are run in real-time by an experienced instructor. You attend classes via Zoom (or Google Meet) for one hour per day over 3 weeks! 

We revolutionized how PMP Exam Prep courses are taught. A big majority of students struggle with sitting through 5 full days of classes straight, not to mention the time they'd have to take off from work. 

Our virtual classes are not inferior to in-person classes, as students get involved in many hands on activities and discussions throughout class times.

Results speak for themselves. Since we introduced this new virtual class format, every one of our students who have sat for the exam have passed!

Virtual classes run from Monday - Friday at those times:

  • Pacific Time : 5pm - 6pm
  • Mountain Time : 6pm - 7pm
  • Central Time : 7pm - 8pm
  • Eastern Time : 8pm - 9pm

This is a tried and proven way of preparing to pass your PMP exam. Why not give it a try?

How does our optional Exam Pass Guarantee work?

The Exam Pass Guarantee Program is an optional component that you can add to the course when you enroll. 
This optional program is an intensive study plan that comes with our help to help you stay motivated to achieve your goal,
if you need it. 

This is an equal partnership program and you are required to do your part, which is to:
- Attend more than 90% of classes
- Complete the 3-Week Express program in full 
- Achieve the target percentage of correct answers on all past exam questions that come with the program
- Be willing to continue to study under our guidance and repeat the past exam questions until the target results are achieved
- Write the PMP exam within 3 months of completing your PMP Exam Preparation course.

If you have done all of the above steps and did not pass your PMP Exam, we will refund your course fee in full.
Please note the Exam Pass Guarantee program fee is not refundable. 

Is this a good option to take or should I go with the standard 3-Week Express program?
We believe most students would not need to take the Exam Pass Guarantee program to pass their PMP exam, but we also
recognise that everyone's circumstance is unique. If you need our help to stay motivated and keep your goal of passing the
exam on track, then at least you have an option available to you. This is not a gimmick but our offer of extra guiding hand if
you need it. 

Why is the Exam Pass Guarantee Program fee not refundable?
The program fee is like an insurance premium. When you take out a car insurance, you will enjoy having a piece of mind that 
someone else will pay for any damages in case of accident. However, the insurance premium you pay is never refundable
because it represents the shared risk and reward. The program fee works much the same way, because we (PMCOE) will also
have to put in extra time and resources to keep our part of the commitment. 

What locations do you run your in-person classes?

Please note the in-person classes have a minimum booking size of 10 people. 

There are two options for the class locations.

  1. We can come to your office and run all classes there
  2. You can come to one of our training centers in New York, Boston, Denver, Austin, San Francisco. 

We can agree on the location after you have completed the booking process.

What can I expect to learn during the class times?

Our in-person classes are designed to be highly engaging and consist of many practical activities. We believe the most optimal way of learning is through our primal senses (visual, auditory, tactility). you can expect to learn the full scope of your course curriculum plus many practical aspects of project management and Agile.

Should I attend the virtual or the in-person classes?

If you are registering as an individual, we'd encourage you to take our virtual classes because they are guaranteed to run and there is a new class starting every day. 

If you are booking for a group of people for a corporate, our in-person classes might be a great option.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand sometimes life can throw up curve balls and you need to reschedule your course. Don't sweat, if you need to cancel your course, we can provide you with a credit note which will enable you to re-enrol in a later date or choose to attend a different course of same value. Credit notes are valid for 12 months.


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