Become a Trainer with PMCOE

What is the opportunity?

Being a trainer with us means you don’t need to leave your current job as most of our course times are outside of the North America, Europe, and Australia time zones. So, if you do decide to become a trainer with us, you will be able to earn additional income without having to quit your current job.

It’s a great opportunity to try something perhaps you’ve not had the opportunity to do in the past. Personally, after 25 years of working in corporate and consulting roles, I have fall in love with my current vocation of training. I get an incredible feeling of joy from seeing my students pass their certification exams and make great steps forward in their career as a result.

We have a few different types of trainer opportunities and some have certification requirements:


PMP exam prep course trainer

  • You will need a PMP certification gained after Jan 2021. This is because PMI have completely overhauled the PMP curriculum and the new exam content is completely different to the past exams.
  • Don’t worry if you have a PMP certification from the years before 2021 or you need to get one, we can offer you a substantial discount on our PMP course for you to attend. If you already have PMP, you won’t have to sit for PMP exam again. Whilst we’d love to offer a free class, it’s not possible due to the license fees which PMI takes from us and also we have to pay our trainers.
  • Talk to us and find out more!
Disciplined Agile course trainer
  • You will need a DASSM certification and minimum 5 years experience in Scrum Master roles
  • If you don’t already have a DASSM certification, don’t worry we can offer you substantial discounts on our DASM and/or DASSM courses. Again, as much as we’d love to offer you a free class, PMI charges substantial license fees for each student and we have to pay our trainer as well.
  • Talk to us and find out more!
Cyber Security
  • You will need a CISSP certification and minimum 5 years experience in cyber security senior architect / management
  • Talk to us and find out more!

From CEO

Alan Kwon

Hello, my name is Alan Kwon and I am a co-founder and CEO of PMCOE. We are always on the look out for high achievers in their fields of expertise. I believe the opportunity we are offering here is more than just for someone to become a trainer, but a chance to broadening their career paths and perhaps progress to business leadership with us.

We look forward to hearing you.


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