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Role of PMO

Organizations are on a continuous journey to deliver greater value from project portfolios that continually grow in complexity and size, as the world’s economy becomes increasingly projectified.

To improve project outcomes, many organizations are turning to value-based delivery approaches that focus on achieving a flow of value to the customer. 

As organizations shift away from traditional delivery models, the role, purpose and even the name of the project management office (PMO) is changing in tandem.


Our xMO Services -

How we can help you

Value Stream Enablement

Delivering value continues to increase in complexity and is driven more than ever by digital transformations. The result is a growing emphasis on dependency management and coordination 

Alignment and everyone knowing how to move together is powerful. 

The xMO can bring tremendous benefits by facilitating this alignment at all levels in a value stream, from strategic objectives to writing a line of code to releasing value to a customer.


Strategic Alignment

We can shape and position your project management practices to understand your organization's strategy 

We do this by enabling stakeholders to see and connect strategy across different departments and cross-functional projects. 

The xMO is able to translate strategic objectives into qualitative and quantitative metrics for multiple portfolios. 

Better Governance

Enable better governance by design and more successful outcomes from transformation by:

  • Ensuring decision-making has a clear purpose.
  • Building agility and pace into decision-making.
  • Facilitating collaboration and alignment of priorities across organizational boundaries.
  • Ensuring specialist knowledge is deployed at the right stages, for example, risk management, or supply chain management.
  • Driving the organization toward tracking measurable benefits and value.

Our approach


Define & Measure

Define the purpose and goals of an xMO by considering the needs of stakeholders. 

To start measuring outcomes, the objectives are translated into measurable metrics



Develop processes that support alignment of team outcomes and organisational goals. 

Processes include communication, support, technology, and reporting


Implement & Improve

The xMO embodies continuous improvement with regular cycles of data collection, assessment, and measurement processes. 

Establish a culture of C.I through iterative rollouts to the organization


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